With the new office location and an abundance of projects, our team has grown greatly in the last year. We have recently hired three new team members. They each have already proven to be an asset for our firm and have brought a unique approach to our architectural process. Our firm is so excited to have these three new hires as a piece of the ATURA team.

David Collins is a senior designer. He joined us in June, but David has been practicing for 14 years. Since being hired, David has been working remotely from his home in Raleigh, North Carolina. Every three weeks he will join us in Clear Lake until his family is able to relocate. David is excited by our role in the industry and the opportunities to create spaces for people to work, live, and play.

Jared Beenken—a newly hired architect—started in July. Jared is a graduate from Iowa State University and holds licensing from the American Institute of Architects. Jared and his family are in the process of relocating to the Clear Lake area. His favorite aspect of the architectural process is the collaboration in each aspect from the initial phase to the completion of a project.

Scott Huffman is also a new senior designer. He joined us in August and has been practicing for six years. He is a graduate from Iowa State University and is working towards obtaining licensing. Scott is now returning to the firm after a few years working for another local construction company. Scott has great experience within construction administration and uses that as a strength in his architectural approach. Scott and his family currently live in the Clear Lake area.

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