Our firm has recently implemented virtual reality and three-dimensional printing into our rendering and modeling process. The investment has proven to be completely worthwhile, as this new aspect of technology is helping us customize the individual experience for each client. Not only is it time effective for adjusting the project, but it also helps confirm what works well in each architectural situation.

We can transform architectural drawings into a simulating real-world experience. Clients can be fully immersed in the potential environment of their project. This gives a genuine and realistic idea of what the space will feel like, but it is also beneficial for us to receive feedback. Clients can walk around, move items, and experience the entire project before construction starts.

Our 3D printer also provides a unique approach to our process. We are now much more time efficient when it comes to the modeling aspect. Instead of hand building each fully scaled 3D model, the printer saves us time and it is guaranteed to be much more accurate.

The virtual reality and 3D printing aspects both help give clients a more accurate way to visualize the concepts we are creating for their project. VR and 3D printing will continue to help us approach each unique challenge differently and more effectively. Not only does it give us a competitive edge, but our team has fun working with and learning about these new approaches.

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