We understand that our clients can’t always envision a space or finished project off of a set of plans or even a 2D rendering. That is why we provide a variety of modeling services from 3D printing to Virtual Reality. We can show you a walk through of your space shortly after we determining the floor plan. If you want to fully immerse yourself in it we can use virtual reality and allow you to walk through it and move objects in real time. These tools become vital with working with groups of users to best understand how the space with work with them and with others.


We are accustomed to working with clients and organizations that require a capital campaign of some sort to see that their project has the necessary funds to proceed. Many times these clients don’t have the resources, knowledge, or time to ensure their project is delivered in the most effective manner to generate excitement and buy-in from stakeholders.
From animal shelters to clinics and schools to churches, we work collaboratively with you to help guide you in the right direction and develop effective marketing materials for your projects specific needs.


Since FEMA funding has been available we have been involved. Having done several of the first tornado safe rooms in the state we continue to design tornado safe rooms outside of FEMA funding. We can assist in the application process with FEMA or if time is of the essence we can use our extensive experience to get a specific design with accurate pricing.