Mason City Humane Society

Mason City, IA

This joint-use facility was designed and
bid as two separate phases. The Mason City Stray
Animal Shelter was completed first in 2008. This
portion had more budget restrictions due to its
public nature and included 25 dog kennels and 34
cat enclosures. The Humane Society was completed
in 2009. This portion included 30 dog kennels
and, Six years later the need for additional cat space
required an addition to the East side of the building.
The addition included an additional 40 enclosures.
This facility has been the starting point for 3 other
organizations that we have provided design for and a
number of others from Iowa and Minnesota that have
replicated the design and systems in their projects.

Project Size: 11,055 sq. ft.
Status: Completed: 2008, 2009, 2016
Scope of Services: Full Design Services
Project Manager: Mark Kroemer & Reed Wessman

Over the years, I have had numerous people from other animal welfare organizations visit my shelter with the goal of replicating our success in their own communities.
During these visits, many of them told me that while they were doing their research on animal shelter construction, they were told that they must visit the Humane
Society of North Iowa; that we are a “gold-standard” of shelter design and construction… Speaking on behalf of our entire organization, I would recommend ATURA for
your upcoming project. They understand and respect the needs, the foresight and even the emotion that goes into the design of an animal shelter. I would welcome
communication with anyone that would like to hear more about our experience with ATURA. I would also welcome a visit to our shelter to see their work first hand.
Sybil Soukup, Executive Director, Humane Society North Iowa